Baked with love,
for moments of joy
Baked Moments
We think baked treats are some of the world’s most special food. Why? Because we all have those memories of sharing a sweet treat with someone we love. Baking brings us together, it reminds us of the good ol' days, it encourages us to stop for a minute – and that makes for a moment.
Baked better
Any baker will tell you the tastiest baked goodies can only come from using the best ingredients. That’s why Mrs Higgins and her bakers use the same good stuff that you’d use at home, and it’s why every bite you take is so deliciously scrumptious.
Baked with love
Our secret ingredient isn’t such a big secret. Every one of our treats is special because every recipe has a dash of love and pinch of care. Mrs Higgins and her bakers love making things for you to enjoy, they just can’t help it! And just like the cookies Gran used to bake, you can taste the difference.