Bake your own cookies!

‘Bake em Fresh’ is a convenient take home pack to keep in your freezer so you can bake a Cookie any time.

It’s so simple…….look for Mrs Higgins Frozen Cookie Dough in the supermarket or specialist food store freezer, keep it in your freezer at home, then take out as many pieces as you need and bake from frozen. In just 16-18 minutes you will have lovely, gourmet, freshly baked Cookies – and your home will smell fabulous too!

Mrs Higgins ‘Bake em Fresh’ Cookie Dough is a ‘no mess, no fuss’ incredibly convenient way to produce gorgeous home baking.

Please contact your nearest Mrs Higgins shop or send us an email for further information.

And remember...

"Life is Short……Eat the Cookie!!”

All Delicious Flavours
  • Chocolate Chew
    Chocolate Chew
  • Double Choc Chip
    Double Choc Chip
  • Raspberry & White Choc
    Raspberry & White Choc
  • White Choc Macadamia Nut
    White Choc Macadamia Nut
  • Wild, Oaty & Fruity
    Wild, Oaty & Fruity